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Tinseltown Tarot Card deck (Author-signed copy)

Tinseltown Tarot Card deck (Author-signed copy)

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Forget the crystal ball – let's try the silver screen!

Tinseltown Tarot is the ultimate pink, vintage Hollywood inspired tarot card deck with 78 fully-illustrated cards overflowing with joy and positive energy.

Peek into your future through the glitz and glamour of the Golden Age of Hollywood - a time of dazzling movie stars, glimmering boudoirs, and overflowing champagne. A time of creativity, glamour, and innovation, marked by the rise of iconic stars, legendary Hollywood studios, and timeless films, the Golden Age of Hollywood remains a symbol of artistic excellence, escapism, and the enduring allure of the silver screen.

Tinseltown Tarot: A Look into Your Future Through the Golden Age of Hollywood
Deck designed and illustrated by 50s Vintage Dame
78 glamorous tarot cards
125 mm × 75 mm

*Brand New
*Signed by the author

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